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Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center's Fort Madison Campus provides free rides for patients and visitors who are unable to drive or need a ride to the hospital.

Pick-up is available in Fort Madison, Montrose, and West Point. The courtesy van does not run on Saturday or Sunday, please see the van schedule below. When scheduling appointments with your doctor or the hospital, please notify them of your plans to ride the Fort Madison Courtesy Van. All rides are by appointment.

To schedule a van pickup or for more information call 319-376-2227 or dial ext. 222.


The Courtesy Van will run by appointment only in Montrose on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Riders need to be able to get on and off the Courtesy Van with minimal assistance. Van Drivers are available to walk the passenger to the van and provide minimal assistance in and out of the van, a small step stool is also available for use.

It is helpful to have at least 24-hour notice for reservations. If requested Run Time is full, the Van Driver may have to make two or more trips, passengers may have to wait, or may be delayed in getting to their appointments.

Out of respect for the other Courtesy Van Riders, please notify the Information Desk at 319-376-2227, at your earliest convenience, if it is necessary to cancel a scheduled Courtesy Van pickup. This will assist us in getting all riders to their appointments on a timely basis.
There may be delays in getting patients to the facility at scheduled times due to inclement weather. During bad weather, the van may be delayed due to road conditions. The safety of our passengers is our top priority.

Shown below is information required when scheduling a Courtesy Van Pick-Up:

NAME: We need to know the name of the passenger being picked up.

ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER: This information will be requested of all riders, whether you are a first-time rider or a repeat customer of the Courtesy Van Service. We will ask you to verify your address and telephone number as a privacy measure.

NUMBER OF RIDERS: Number of riders is needed as the MAXIMUM capacity of van is six passengers, depending on their physical condition. We need to know number of riders on each run. If the number of passengers for that run exceeds van capacity, it may be necessary to run two or more runs for that Run Time.

PICK UP DATE: We need to know the date passenger needs to ride.

PICK UP RUN TIME: We need to know the Run Time that the passenger needs to be picked up to make their appointment. See schedule above for Run Times for each town.

APPOINTMENT TIME: The appointment time is needed to ensure that the rider has requested the right Run Pick Up time to arrive at an appointment on-time. Appointment time is also helpful in case it is necessary for the Van Driver to run two trips for that Run Time. They will know which patients have the earlier appointment times.

COMMENTS: This information is used for special pick-up instructions, such as which door to go to, if the patient has another ride home, etc.

Other transportation options: