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Self-Directed Wellness Testing

HCHC Lab provides Self-Directed Wellness Testing for individuals who would like wellness labs checked independently of their routine follow-up with their medical providers. Self –Directed Wellness Testing allows a client to cash pay (credit card, HSA card, cash or check) for certain lab tests, without a medical provider order. Since these tests are not reimbursed by insurance or any government programs like Medicare or Medicaid, the client cannot submit testing expense to these entities and must cash pay in one of the ways listed above.

For more information regarding what is included in specific tests, click here.

To fill out the Wellness Test form prior to your appointment at Lab, click here.

The tests offered through HCHC’s Self-Directed Wellness Testing include the following:

  • Basic chem panel*: $33.00
  • Hemogram: $31.00
  • Glucose*: $18.00
  • Cholesterol*: $18.00
  • Lipid panel *: $38.00
  • TSH: $41.00
  • Comprehensive chem panel*: $46.00
  • Vitamin D: $71.00
  • Blood type (ABO and RH): $39.00
  • Prostate specific antigen: $45.00
  • Ferritin: $41.00
  • Iron/iron binding: $50.00
  • Vitamin B12*: $49.00
  • Hemoglobin A1c: $22.00
  • COVID-19 Antibody Test(IGG): $77.00
  • COVID-19 PCR (**travel): $143.00
  • COVID-19 AG (**travel): $61.00
  • COVID-19 Antibody Test IGG/IGM: $168.00

*Denotes that an individual should fast for this test.

***Denotes client's responsibility to know the COVID testing requirements of the airline/country of travel. HCHC is not responsible for delay of travel or flights. Incorrect test performed, sample not collected in the approved collection time window, or laboratory does not meet airline approval are examples of reasons your airline/country of travel may not approve the testing.

Clients will receive a handout with a brief description of the type of tests offered. Once testing is completed, the lab will provide the lab results directly to the client. Results are made available via the patient portal, in person, or by mail. It is the client’s responsibility to meet with their provider if they have any questions regarding their lab results. If there is a critical lab value, the lab will call clients directly and tell clients they should seek medical advice from licensed personnel immediately.

An appointment must be made for Self-Directed Wellness Testing by calling Centralized Scheduling at 319-385-6540.