Great River Friends

Love Tree Holiday Program

Love Tree Order Form

Great River Friends’ Love Tree Program offers an opportunity to recognize people during the holidays while raising money for Great River Medical Center. With a donation of $25, an ornament accompanied by a loved one’s name will be placed on the donor’s choice of trees in:

  • Great River Medical Center lobby
  • Great River Hospice House
  • Great River Klein Center

All Love Tree donations will be used for services that enhance patient and family care, and scholarships to students pursuing health care careers.

A Love Tree Celebration Ceremony is scheduled at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 17, in the Great River Medical Center lobby. Donors will be invited to celebrate their loved ones through prayer, reading of the names, presentation of ornaments and refreshments.

Hospital Volunteers

volunteers outside all putting their hands together

Great River Friends is a community of more than 700 volunteers and financial contributors that supports Great River Medical Center through gifts of time, talent and treasure. It consists of two parts:

Volunteer Services

A hospital department that recruits, trains and schedules volunteers.

Coordinator: Linda Jones, (319) 768-3340,

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. Volunteer roles depend on availability, experience, interests and skills.

Public and behind-the-scenes opportunities are available:

  • Clerical support
  • Great River Gift Shop
  • Great River Hospice
  • Great River Klein Center
  • Health fairs
  • Patient and visitor escorts
  • Patient and visitor greeters
  • Patient mail and balloon delivery
  • Senior Health Insurance Information Programs
  • Virtual volunteers (crocheting or knitting baby hats, prayer shawls and afghans for elders; sewing quilts for cancer and hospice patients)

Reasons for volunteering

Volunteers have many reasons for sharing their time with Great River Medical Center:

  • Desire to give back to their community
  • Exposure to health care careers
  • Job experience
  • Requirement for academic achievement and recognition programs
  • Sharing knowledge and experience with others
  • Social needs
  • Staying active

Benefits of volunteering include:

  • Challenge – Volunteers build, sharpen and share their skills
  • Discounts – 20 percent at Great River Gift Shop, employee discount in the Cafeteria
  • Fitness and health – Flu shots, Health System Fitness membership (must have 160 hours of service a year)
  • Friendships – Connect with other volunteers and health system staff
  • Meals – Free meal coupon when volunteering at least four hours in one day
  • Recognition and fun – Annual recognition party; Great River Health System holiday dinner
  • Reward – The satisfaction of knowing you are truly helping patients, families, visitors and staff is the most common reward shared by our volunteers.

Great River Friends Board of Directors

An independent organization that raises money for services to enhance care for patients and their families, and health care scholarships.

Ongoing fundraisers include:

  • Annual Giving Campaign
  • Book and gift fairs
  • Great River Gift Shop
  • Jewelry fairs
  • Love Tree

If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact a board member, or call or email Volunteer Services at (319) 768-3340 or


  • Kendra Jahn, president
  • Francesca To, vice president
  • Corky Wolbert, secretary
  • Amanda Kantzavelos, treasurer

Directors at large

  • Michelle AbouAssaly
  • Monika Coursey
  • Lindsay Fruehling
  • Jenifer Joyce
  • Melissa Kammerer
  • Lindsay Knudson
  • Sarah O'Neill
  • Ann Peters
  • Joyce Taeger
  • Andrea Wenzel
  • Ashlee Whipple

Ex-officio members

  • Jim Kammerer, chief, Support Services, Great River Health System
  • Linda Jones, coordinator, Volunteer Services
  • Lori Mercer, manager, Great River Gift Shop